Welcome from the Chair

Celia Garcia-James

SPETT 2020 Energy Resources Conference Chairperson

Technical Solutions Consultant, Halliburton

Fellow colleagues, participants and industry leaders,

Welcome to the Society of Petroleum Engineers Trinidad and Tobago Section (SPETT) First Virtual Energy Resources Conference and Exhibition. Join us on 28th -30th June 2021 for SPETT leading Technical Event.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Shaping the Future: Technology, Processes and Innovation”. The disruptive forces of COVID-19 have reached every corner of the world. The year 2021 presents the industry with a unique opportunity to go beyond survival mode, as many have also used the events from last year to break in the routine, to apply innovative technology, critically examine future plans and explore opportunities for more radical change. This conference provides an ideal forum with both technical experts and industry leaders in attendance, to discuss these opportunities.

Our unique online experience will close the gap between last year’s postponed event and our upcoming conference, keeping energy professionals from the complex and wide range fields of geoscience and engineering, as well as data science, projects, facilities and construction, HSE and sustainability, all connected through networking and knowledge exchange.

We will discuss how oil and gas operations can become more resilient and the role of breakthrough technology and digitalisation. We will similarly be putting a spotlight on the industry’s ability to not only react to the energy transition but to lead it.

I hope you will find these sessions engaging and take the opportunity to pose questions to authors, our panel of experts, take part in stimulating discussions, improve networking and explore new technology. I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

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